FAME Charity Initiatives

Service to others is really important to all of us at Fame! We are building world class dancers and along that path is building a kind and selfless human 🙂

We have 3 main charities that we work with:

  • The Dream Centre- LA
  • Families at The Dump- Mexico
  • Vegas Farm and Barn Buddies Rescue

I also have a twitter account where I post news and information about helping with animal cruelty, inhumane animal testing of products and cosmetics that we use in dance., treatment of children around the world, environmental issues Ect. I try to help out as well by signing as many electronic petitions as possible.

  • My Twitter is: @c­­_makins

I also downloaded the PETA app which is so very easy to use and can help so many animals.

You can also shop in the PETA store

Websites I Love

  • Greatergood.com is one of my favourite websites. Click on the images at the top to help with literacy, hunger, cancer, animals, rainforest… you can choose your category of help. Or help with them all.
  • Greatergood.com sells incredible things too. Everything you buy for yourself or gifts for friends/family goes to helping animals or people or the environment, whatever you choose.
  • Thepetitionsite.com is also super fabulous.

I invite you to join me on my mission. Let’s see what we can all do to build awareness and help others. I am vegan and believe firmly that we do not need animals in any way other than being our loving friends. However, I also believe that everyone has to do what works for them. Several of my students/parents have asked for information about switching to becoming vegetarian or vegan. I will post on our new “Health Page” what you need to know to make the transition. Through many years of study, I firmly believe it is the healthiest diet possible and by far the best for environmental reasons as well.

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