Your Secret Angel


Random and Not-So-Random Acts of Kindness

Each year we challenge our students to performing acts of kindness in their community and world-wide. Fame Dance Studios participates in a number of kindness initiatives throughout our years. Our mission is to teach kindness through dance.


  •  to teach us all to spread kindness in a variety of ways
  • the best dancer, the best teacher are the kindest people

Your Secret Angel is a project that came to me as I was helping my mother go through hip surgery at the Royal Alex hospital last Christmas. There was an incredible patient in her room named Marc Jodoin who, despite his own condition, walked around the ward talking with patients, cheering them up, playing cards with them, getting them books to read etc. I said to Marc that he really inspired me by his selfless ways of thinking of others and what he could do to brighten their day. 

I have always enjoyed teaching my students random acts of kindness but Marc’s inspirational ways had me put a name to this project and find ways to help even more groups. We will keep posting acts of kindness on this page each year. 

  •  Student Challenge: come up with an act of kindness, even a tiny one and video it or text it to me. we will post videos on our YouTube channel and stories here 🙂


  • Bought Valentine’s stuffies and handed them out to senior homes in Lloydminster
  • Dream Centre LA visit  – helping serve the homeless and teaching kids dance in two projects of LA, filmed “The Dream Center LA with Fame Dance Studios” – filmed, produced & directed by Sean Hale  as a gift for the Dream Centre to use for publicity and awareness.
  • Visit to the Las Vegas Farm/Barn Buddies to raise awareness for this incredible organization and plan a fundraiser – we love you Sharon!
  • Filmed “Wake Up” filmed, written, produced & directed by Sean Hale to describe the issues plaguing today’s society and our planet
  • Performed “Wake Up” at Western Canadian Fashion Week-Edmonton partnering with fashion designer Stanley Caroll
  • Filmed instructional videos for the Dream Center kids to watch and learn how to dance
  • 3 classes made 500 Christmas cards and delivered them personally to seniors homes in Lloydminster and Bonnyville, also mailed them to the Dream Center kids in LA as well as Families At The Dump kids in Mexico.
  • Students chose costumes from the Fame costume room to mail to the Dream Center kids in LA for Christmas
  • Filmed video-gift dances for the Dream Center kids to enjoy for the holidays
  • Filmed 2 educational videos about how to find cruelty free products and to never use products tested on animals
  • Filmed instructional videos in English and spanish for the Families at The Dump kids to watch and learn how to dance
  • Performed live music and made 200 Christmas cards for the Mustard Seed soup kitchen dinner at the Mustard Seed Church, Edmonton
  • At each Christmas show asked for local foodbank donations for Lloydminster and Cold Lake/donations were delivered


Send in your stories and videos!

Special thanks to the incredibly inspirational videos by “Mooji”. This man is the kindest of humans and embodies the teachings of Jesus for all of us by relating to all races, religions, cutltures and societies. Watch his videos by simply seaching Mooji on Youtube and you will be in awe as to how much love and wisdom he embodies and shares.


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